Writers in Action (A one day conference)

Writers in Action

When...May 19 2018
Where...PG&E Energy Center 
6588 Ontario Rd. San Luis Obispo, CA
Time...9:00-5:00 PM
Fee...$35.00 Members of Sisters In Crime
           $50.00  Non-Members      

   Welcoming...Barbara M. Hodges
    Opening Address...Judy Salamacha

Panel 1. Why Write...why not?
                  Moderator...Victoria Heckman 
                   Lida Sideris
                   R. Lawson Gamble

Panel 2. Making Time to Write
                  Moderator...Sue McGinty
                    Marilyn Meredith
                    Mara Purl

Panel 3. Getting Started
                  Moderator...Diane Broyles
                   Sue McGinty
                   Victoria Heckman

Lunch and Author Book Sales

Panel 4. Editing...Don't submit without it.
                   Moderator...Susan Tuttle
                    Priscilla Gruenewald
                     Judythe Guarnera

Panel 5. Your Road to Publishing
                   Moderator...Barbara M. Hodges
                    Dennis Eamon Young
                     Jenna E. Johnson

Panel 6. Promoting Yourself
                  Moderator...Tony Piazza
                   Mara Purl
                   Rolynn Anderson  


Thonie Hevron said…
Soooo appropriate for you to be teaching Finding Time to Write!!
Yes, I thought so too. Wasn't surprised they picked that one for me.
Linda Cochran said…
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