Fringe Benefits and Bad Tidings, New Covers, Re-edited.

My new publisher, Aakenbaaken & Kent is coming out with fresh copies of my Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

The first one. Final Respects,  is up now with both Kindle and print versions.

The second on is up now with both Kindle and print versions.

Bad Tidings focuses on several police officers, but mainly Lt. Gilbreath, who is the one who often has to bring bad tidings to folks--and is soon to get some of his own.

The publisher and I agreed to keep the books as they were when first written so it means the first ones are a step back in time both in daily life and police procedural. 

As you can see the covers are similar, with the changes only being the title, the number of the series, and the basic colors.

This will be an interesting new twist.



It will be interesting to see how this new take on covers goes over.
Lorna Collins - said…
Love the blue cover. So glad to see these available again!

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