Are Blogs a Thing of the Past? by Marilyn Meredith

My answer is I certainly hope not. However that was one of the things I heard at the conference on Saturday. I also heard Facebook was not effective nor was Twitter, and the things that are I don't use much or at all. Pinterest, Videos, and some other things.

We heard so many things that authors should be doing for marketing if you did them all there would be no time left to write or live a full life.

So what should an author like me do?

First, I love blogging. Writers like to write (at least they should) and for me this is good way to let people know my thoughts about things, what I'm doing and writing, announce new books, show off new covers, and whether you're interested or not, what's going on in my family.

I love blogging, and I hope others like to read my blogs.

This one will be short because every time I'm gone for a few day I have lots to catch up on. I'll share more that I heard at the conference in the next few days.



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