Promotion Tips from the Central Coast SinC Conferenc

This set of tips came from authors.

Your Author's Website Should Have a Great Design

Build your Amazon Page

Book Signings, at book stores better to have more than one author.

For an individual author signing, find a different venue.

Email list generated from a guest book.

You should become recognizable.

Make your message clear.

Blogging doesn't transfer to sales, but it is a way of sharing.

Amazon Sponsor Ads

KOBO Reveiws

Groups on Facebook

Build your Brand

Your book should have lots of key words.

What the Professional PR Person said:

You need to build a fan base.

Mail ARCs to get reviews.

Build your tribe.

Be on KDP Select

Hire a PR person

There was a lot more, how to use Twitter, do ads, etc.

My opinion:

I think an author needs to find whatever works for him or her--and do those things that he or she likes to do.

When I heard all this I thought if you did it all you wouldn't have time to write.

Readers, what entices you to buy a book?

Writers, what are your favorite ways of promoting?


This is the panel I was on, "Finding Time to Write." Left to right, Sue McGinty, me, Mara Purl.
It was a good panel.


All good ideas. Learn to do your own press releases and schedule your own events. Make sure your website looks professional. Make sure you use a good headshot.
Thonie Hevron said…
Some really good ideas here. But the list makes me tired just reading it. I agree with you, Marilyn. Find what works for you!
There was even more! I don't have time or energy to do all what they suggested.

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