Snow Angel by Jackie Taylor Zortman

It was exciting when UPS showed up late yesterday afternoon with that big box filled with my latest novel SNOW ANGEL (Detective Max Richards Book 2). All of you know the excitement when we get to finally hold our book (or is it new baby?) in our own hands.

Detective Max Richards Book 1 is my PSWA first-place award winning FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST. Although SNOW ANGEL is a sequel, it can easily stand alone and be read with no confusion related to the first book. There are a lot of authors ahead of me in the pipeline at my new publisher Aakenbaaken & Kent, but Mike has offered to put the Kindle version of FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST up on temporarily for those who are curious about the first book. It’s already available as a Nook on

In SNOW ANGEL when Detective Max Richards and his sister suddenly inherit their mother’s estate, they find an old wooden box on a shelf in her bedroom closet. It reveals a secret she kept carefully hidden and connects them to a statuesque and abandoned Victorian house in Snowflake, Colorado. Ironically, Max and his wife, Sami, already own a remote cabin there.

During the Christmas holidays they fly to Snowflake to investigate the empty and dusty old house. Following their tire tracks in the snow, the newly appointed city police chief is introduced into their lives and quickly becomes an important part of their tight knot circle of friends.

Returning to the city, Max becomes emotionally restless. He retires from his thirty-year homicide job, pulls up roots and moves permanently to Snowflake where he quickly becomes part of the small police force. Unexpected twists and turns take control of their lives and changes things in ways they never dreamed. Find out what was in that box that had such power and what paths it led Max, Sami and his sister, Willow, to follow.

You will find SNOW ANGEL as a trade paperback and Kindle at  It also won a PSWA writing award in 2017.

BLURB BY JOHN M. WILLS-Award-winning Author/Freelance Writer:

Max Richards is a tough homicide detective whose life is structured and orderly. However, when his mother dies and an old wooden box surfaces among her belongings, it changes everything. What secrets was Mom hiding from the family and why? When the truth is finally revealed, Max finds an uncertain future ahead of him and his family members.


Jackie Taylor Zortman is an award winning published writer/author. She has been writing for the last 26 years and has been a member of PSWA since it was the Police Writers Club back in 1994 when Roger Fulton first organized it.  She is the author of a non-fiction book “We Are Different Now” and two award winning fiction novels, “Footprints in the Frost” and “Snow Angel.” 

She has had numerous articles and short stories published during that time, is a Charter Member of the Public Safety Writers Association and a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. She is a contributing author to the anthologies "Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides", "American Blue" (editor Ed Nowicki), "The Centennial Book of the National Society of Daughters of the Union" and “Recipes by the Book, Oak Tree Authors Cook”.  She also writes poetry, genealogy and history. She has won 10 writing awards in the last five years.

She lives in a bustling quaint tourist town high in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and Siamese cat. When the deep snows of winter blanket the terrain surrounding her home, it becomes the perfect spot in which to write.


Thanks for hosting me, Marilyn. You did a great job.
Nancy LiPetri said…
I agree that Snow Angel can be thoroughly enjoyed as a stand-alone, and yet I enjoyed the extra insight into the characters and their relationships from Footprints In the Frost :) Nice post!
Sharon Ervin said…
I love to see my close writer friends, even those I've never met, moving along. Will be reading both SNOW ANGEL soon. Congratulations.
Thonie Hevron said…
Glad to see this book is out. It's on my TBR list now!
Anonymous said…
Great, and congratulations! On my TBR list also.

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