All the Jobs in My Past

Right now, besides being a wife, mom, grandma etc., I am a mystery writer and speaker, and I do program plans and designs for people starting new residential facilities and I've also done supported living programs.

I began working as a baby sitter a the early age of ten. Yep, 10 years old. Babysat babies, kids and even a girl with developmental disabilities who was the same age as me.

Once did inventory at May Company in downtown L.A. Worked at the phone company there too as a file clerk, then became an information operator. Was an information and long distance operator off and on for several years in Oxnard.

Taught for 10 years in a pre-school for kids with developmental disabilities. Also taught in day cares and other pre-schools.

Became an administrator for my own residential facility for women with developmental disabilities and did that for 23 years. At the same time I developed a training program for administrators to become licensed, and later continuing education classes and also taught.

Many of my unpaid volunteer jobs paved the way for the other jobs. I learned how to speak in front of large groups by being PTA president. My ten years as a Camp Fire Girl leader taught me how to work with all different personalities of kids, to organize and try all sorts of new things--and to be brave and believe in my own abilities.

Yes, I did get my AA in Early Childhood Education along the way, but believe me, living is what taught me the most.

Tell me about your jobs.



Thonie Hevron said…
I started early, too--cleaning houses, ironing and babysitting. When I got old enough to get a real job it was at a restaurant. But it wasn't waiting tables--the owner had a side business making and selling popovers. I was a popover packer. Hard to say without laughing. My other jobs didn't have such interesting titles-bank teller, meter maid, community service officer (reports and crime prevention), records supervisor but most of career was as a 911 dispatcher. Now, I'm proud to say I'm an author.
I babysat, too. Worked for the local baker and Winchell's Doughnut Shop. Joined my mother at an insurance company as a file clerk. Then I spent many years as a document controller. That experience led me to a position as document control supervisor in the Osaka office on the Universal Studios Japan theme park project. (Larry and I both worked on it.) When we returned, I transitioned to change manager for the IT department of a bank. Next, I dd technical writing and SharePoint administrator. In 2005, we wrote our first book, a memoir of our time in Japan. I have done lots of editing, and our writing continues.

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