Fringe Benefits # 3 in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

Here we are with the newly edited and new cover of Fringe Benefits. As with the first two, the publisher and I decided to not to up date it--so it's a bit back in time. 

Everyone knows that I highly respect members of law enforcement, however this is a bad one every now and then--and the main character in #3 of this series is definitely one of the bad ones.

I did know one stinker--though he wasn't as bad as Cal Sylvester. Actually, it was fun to write this character. 

If you do read it, be sure and write a review--would love to get some new reviews.

Official blurb:

Cal Sylvester, an officer in Rocky Bluff P.D., despises his rookie partner Gordon Butler. However, Cal thinks Butler's wife is hot and he pursues her romantically. Their affair heats up and Cal is hooked on the gorgeous Darcy, but Darcy wants more than love and passion--she wants fine things and high times which are beyond Cal's means. Cal realizes the life insurance on his wife would be the perfect sum to meet Darcy's expectations, and he plots her murder.

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