Re-Editing Old Books

My new publisher for the Rocky Bluff P.D. series had me re-edit all the older books. Quite an experience as I found that the plots were still good, but my writing style had changed a bit. And of course because they'd been written so long ago there were no cell-phones or much computer usage, nor modern forensics.

Because the publisher of my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series is fixing some problems with the older books on Amazon, I've done some re-editing of them too. So far I've finished working on Deadly Trail and Deadly Omen. I have two more to do.

I'm in the middle of Wing Beat--and it's amazing how much I've forgotten about that book. I remember it had to do with an illegal pot far way up in the mountains, and of course murder, but there's another side plot involving Pastor Hutch. 

I have one more to do after that, Intervention. I'm sure besides typos and things that need changes, I'll discover some surprises too.

It's certainly been an interesting look back. A couple of these books may get new covers--but I don't know for sure. 

I'm doing this while still plodding along with the latest Tempe mystery. 


The latest in the series and available is, A Cold Death.


Patricia Gligor said…
That's quite a project you've taken on, Marilyn.
When my contract for the five novels in my Malone mystery series is up, I plan to re-edit and self-publish them. For me, that will also involve creating new covers. Right now, with my WIP, I'm learning all about that process.
When people say to me "I could write a book," I think to myself "You have no idea what's involved." But, I never discourage them because it's all worth it.
Hi, Patricia--it's been quite a journey--hope I live long enough to finish it. Though I have several self-pubbed books I didn't do them myself, a friend did. I didn't feel like taking on the big task. And you are so right--if you haven't done it, you don't have any idea.

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