What's this thing people call retirement?

I'm definitely the right age for it.

I've certainly worked hard at many jobs for it.

But will it be something I ever do?

I doubt it, at least not as long as I can sit at the computer and do all the things I love to do.

I've just returned from a two day trip to Tehachapi to do some research for the book I'm working on now. Because this one is set in a real place, I need to be accurate about how to get to and from places and if the scenes I've planned will really work. A good think I took the time out to do this because I need to fix a few things.

Back at home, I had a newsletter to work on, a program design for work on, to pack the box with books for the event I'm going to in Cambria at the end of the month.

My list has lots more items on it, and they'll get done eventually.

Okay, if I did "retire", what exactly what would I do? Maybe get through more of the books in my to be read pile and those on Kindle. Maybe watch more movies and series on my Roku. Maybe play more games with family.

But I do all of that now--just not as much as I might if I "retired."

What I'm not going to be doing is any more trips where I have to fly. That isn't something I enjoy anymore.

If you are retired, what do you do?



Dee Card said…
You did retire ( sort of). You retired from a lot of the things you had to do to doing the things you truly enjoy doing. Great retirement plan. I am trying to follow your great example.
Yep, Dee, you're right. But I was thinking of my eldest daughter, she and her hubby worked at their jobs until retirement time, and now they are off traveling all around the country with their fifth wheel.
Thonie Hevron said…
I retired from 35 years of night shift, overtime, and know-it-all bosses. Now I'm my own boss--I've re-invented myself as a mystery author. I'm harder on myself than any of the brass thought about. Sigh. I'm so busy with writing, marketing, and having a life that I wonder how I fit in a 40+ hour work week!
I had to laugh because I haven't worked out how to do retirement either. I am spending more time editing and formatting now than I do writing. We do love to travel and try to do it while we're still physically able. I always have much more to do than I have time. It's a nice problem to have!
Thonie, you're right, we definitely are task masters when it comes to ourselves.

And Lorna, one thing we can both say is we're never bored. And do keep on traveling. Hap and I did a lot, mostly here in the U.S., but Hawaii, and I went to Alaska twice, but can't do that anymore.

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