And It's Almost August!

August is a big month--it's my birthday month, and also my first born daughter's birthday, Her wedding anniversary is this month too.

We're having our family reunion this month, actually in just a few days,  and besides getting to spend time with loved ones, someone special is coming. My grandson, Jeffrey, whom I haven't seen since he was three and his mom spirited him away from his California family. He to in touch with us a couple of years ago much to my great amazement.

My daughter and her husband had the opportunity to see him in Kansas last year. And now, we'll all get to see him again. This is so exciting, and I have to admit, it brings tears to my eyes.

I have a cousin I grew up with who can't make it to the reunion this year, but I go to watch a video her sons and daughter made of her on her birthday. She's 11 months younger than I am, and every year she boogie boards in the ocean! And yes, she did it again! Wow! That ocean is so cold. Though I used to swim in it every year beginning in April and on into fall, I haven't done it in years. My hat goes off to cousin Barbara, but I'm glad my kids don't make me do anything like that.

About the reunion, we call it the Mitchell Reunion, but no one with the last name of Mitchell ever comes. I think there is only one cousin left with the last name, and he lives in Oregon. My folks only had my sister and me. My dad had two brothers, the youngest, Harold had two girls and a boy, only the oldest girl is still here--she's the one who boogie boards.The other brother, Emmett, had one son and he lives far away and has never come.

However, there are plenty of the next generations who do come both from my sister's family and mine. We also have others who are related in different ways who join us in our fun and memories. I'm making my chili beans for Friday night's supper--something I've done since we began.

As you can see, August will be starting off with a bang!


This is from two years ago--I still have my red hair and I'm sitting next to my cousin who did the boogie boarding. We always have it at the Holiday Inn Express in Barstow.


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