Report on Author Event in Cambria and Next Up, PSWA

We had a wonderful time in Cambria, not just at the author event, but also being tourists. Visiting all the beautiful ocean spots, mountain areas, shops and restaurants, and historical places.

And like with any of these events where authors are gathered, I got to see old friends and made some new ones.

One of the big highlights though was meeting with an author friend I haven't seen for years, Rebecca Buckley. We had dinner together both evenings we were there, had the grand tour of her apartment and the theater she owns. Believe me, we had great conversations.

Next up is a trip to Vegas and the PSWA conference. I'll be busy at that one. Participating in the pre-con workshop and talking about description. Also moderating a panel on critique groups and on a panel about POV.

This has been a busy summer.

Oh, how many books did I sell? Only three, but passed out many cards and talked to lots of people.
No, it's not profitable, but I enjoy doing this. Some venues are better than others.

And I'm going to keep doing them because it's fun.



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