Self-Editing, PSWA Conference, Susan Tuttle, Part II

Writing Techniques:

Basic Structure--Is there a beginning, middle and end?

Does the plot make sense? Too simple? Or too convoluted?

Check of inconsistencies and weaknesses in the plot structure.

Is the ending strong and believable? Does is wrap things up in a satisfying way or is it unbelievable?

Are the main characters well-developed? Minor characters over-developed. All characters real and vivid?

Are the characterizations and the characters' voices consistent throughout?

Are characters' mannerisms repeated too often? 

Are character descriptions consistent?

Are the characters' motivations clear and consistent, or mysterious, confusing and unbelievable?

Make sure the dialogue is natural sounding, sincere and easy to follow. Check for cryptic comments that don't add to the forward momentum of the plot. Look also for too much/convoluted spelling that can confuse or distance the reader.

Check to make sure the dialogue matches each character's personality. Does the character's speech illuminate motives and characteristics?

More in a couple of days.



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