FRINGE BENEFITS--Where some of the ideas came from

Another warning, Fringe Benefits is also darker than later books.

It's about a very bad cop--not anyone in particular but a composite of different things I've heard over the years. It is also the tale of a murdered that almost gets away with his horrible deed.

The ideas for this book came from many different places--stories told to me by my sons when and about when they were in their teens, gossip heard at various times (I have a good memory), a couple of newspaper stories of crimes, and some of the places though changed, are real places I've been to.

This one is different in that the many ideas all easily came together into a plot.

One important thing about this book is the introduction of Gordon Butler, who, over the years has become quite popular with readers.

Gordon is a rookie cop, and things don't go well for him most of the time.

When he turned up I had no idea how much fun I would have with him in later books.

Blurb: Cal Sylvester, an officer in Rocky Bluff P.D., despises his rookie partner Gordon Butler. However, Cal thinks Butler's wife is hot and he pursues her romantically. Their affair heats up and Cal is hooked on the gorgeous Darcy, but Darcy wants more than love and passion--she wants fine things and high times which are beyond Cal's means. Cal realizes the life insurance on his wife would be the perfect sum to meet Darcy's expectations, and he plots her murder.

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