Glorious, Glorious Reunion!

All our family reunions are great--but this one was extra special because a grandson, now in his forties, whom we hadn't seen since he was three joined us.

Many of us were in the lobby that first afternoon waiting on getting a room, when a car drove up in front. I watched a young woman get out and go to the front desk--she wore a shirt with NEBRASKA on the back. She turned and spotted me, and said, "Grandma." She introduced herself as my grandson's wife, Alicia. By this time a tall, dark-haired man had gotten out of the car. I ran outside and knew immediately, he was my Jeffrey.  (By the way, Alicia is wonderful.)

My heart swelled, the tears flowed and we hugged. He said, "Don't cry, Grandma." I told him I couldn't help it, they were tears of joy.  I smiled so much all weekend and cried too. How joyous! Believe me, I knew it was Jeff--he still looks like my little Jeff only all grown up. He has some attributes and his voice sounds so much like his now deceased father, our first son, Mark.

Of course he wanted to know all about his dad--and everyone shared stories.

Jeff got to meet many of his cousins, first, second and third, aunts and uncles, his great-aunt and uncle, and other relatives and friends. We had so much fun--and my eldest daughter had a surprise birthday celebration for me--kind of a "This is your Life" quiz. She'd managed to get letters from various people like one of my remaining boy cousins, three of my Camp Fire Girls, and she had memories my mother had written down in my my baby book. 

We taught Jeff and Alicia how to play our wild card game of Estimation, and we had a few other newbies too. We had so many players around the table, we had to use three decks. It's a great game because even little kids can play too with a helper beside them.

Here are a few photos:

First meeting of grandson Jeff and me!

Off to the side, daughter Lise, Jeff, me and Hap!

Cousins, Mereda and Genie

 Here we are with Jeff and his aunties, Dana, Lori, and Lisa.

Spouse were added, including Jeff's Alicia.

Granddaughter Genie and me!

Believe me when I say, it was being wonderful!



John M. Wills said…
Happy for you. Family is everything.
Thonie Hevron said…
What a blessing your family is! I'm so pleased it went so well.
Thank you, John, and Thonie, it was wonderful!
Maggie King said…
Thanks for sharing your special reunion.
M.M. Gornell said…
Wonderful! You and your family are very special!

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