Another Chilling Halloween Tale--DEEDS OF DARKNESS

Christian teenager Madeline Mahoney is uncomfortable participating in her best friend's witch activities, but she succumbs to peer pressure. She hopes the object of her affection, Brian, will return her feelings, so she allows Lynette to perform a love spell. When he spends time with her, Madeline regrets her actions and wonders how she will ever know if he really likes her.

Spying on Lynette's mother, Madelyn learns a coven of witches has formed in what used to be her small, quiet town. Now people are being hurt and dying in ways no one can explain. Madeline and Brian must convince the adults something is dreadfully wrong. If they can’t, they must do something on their own. But since they're Christians, are they really on their own?

This is geared toward YA, but anyone who likes a scary tale, will enjoy this one.

Available in paper and on Kindle



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