Fables for the Clarinet by Steve Pastis

From Amazon:

A collection of diverse, humorous, odd and bite-sized stories filled with sarcasm, wacky happenings, and absurdity, “Fables for the Clarinet” by Steve Pastis is a delicious series starter. However, Phil Austin, the late comedian best known for the Firesign Theatre, warns that you might want to take it slow lest you be stricken with fits of laughter. Another reviewer comments on one of the short stories: “Some 15 years after reading it, ‘Something Like A Raccoon…’ remains my favorite story EVER."

My Review:This short story collection, Fables for the Clarinet is not easy to describe. I've never read any stories quite like these.

My advice is to read one and take a bit of time to think about it. Some seem silly, but if you wait, you may realize there's a little more there than what you read.

These tales are told in such a manner as to give the most vivid and colorful word pictures--some remind me of wild dreams, others an imagination gone wild. Many have an undertone of satire and hidden meaning.

This is definitely the most original group of short stories I've ever read. 

Steve Patis founded the ongoing Tulare Kings Writers group that meets most months at the big library in Visalia. Frankly, I was totally surprised by his fascinating group of stories. 

Steve Pastis lives in the heart of California’s Central Valley. He founded, published and edited The Hellenic Calendar, the longest-running Greek-American newspaper in Southern California. He created the monthly Word Find puzzle for Circus Magazine from 1979 to 1991.

His articles have appeared in a variety of publications including Greek Accent Magazine (New York, NY); Custom Boat & Engine (Brea, CA); Baseball Cards (Iola, WI); Rock Fever Magazine (New York, NY); Mensa Bulletin (Fort Worth, TX); Non-Sport Update (Harrisburg, PA); Kings County Farm Bureau Update (Hanford, CA); The Pop Art Times (Rockville, MD); Courthouse News Service (Pasadena, CA); The John Cooke Fraud Report (Santa Ana, CA); Happening Magazine (Sunset Beach, CA); The San Gabriel Sun (San Gabriel, CA); The Inland Empire Business Journal (Ontario, CA); Brooklyn Parent (Brooklyn, NY); Orange City News (Orange, CA); Occidental Magazine (Los Angeles, CA); Progressive Dairyman (Jerome, ID): Parenting Magazine (Burbank, CA); Cartoonist and Comic Artist (Indianapolis, IN); Cool and Strange Music (Everett, WA), The Hellenic Voice (Cleveland, OH); SportsAm (Redondo Beach, CA); Steppin' Out (Anaheim, CA); Good Fruit Grower (Yakima, WA); Valley Voice (Visalia, CA); Tulare Voice (Tulare, CA); Networking Magazine (Visalia, CA); and The Good Life (Visalia, CA).


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