Happy Birthday to my Sister!

This is a special day--the day my baby sister was born. Margie is my only sibling.

She arrived a bit earlier than expected and at the age of five I was put on the train in L.A. to go to my grandparents in Bakersfield. (After all, back in the day, a new mom and infant stayed in the hospital for 10 days.) No one escorted me, I had a note around my neck saying where I was to get off. 

At that time the train went the route the freight trains do today, through the Tehachapi mountains. What I remember about the trip was going through lots of tunnels and that the train was crowded with service men. 

I don't remember when I actually met my sister, but I know she was treated as though fragile. As she grew a bit older, she was the most adorable little girl with dark hair and big eyes. She looked a lot like Margaret O'Brien, a child star of the day.

Though we had our usual amount of quarrels--we shared a room and I was neat and my sis was not.(We've reversed roles now.) But nobody better threaten my little sister or they'd be sorry.

She married young, to the cute football player college boy who lived with his sister across the street from our home. By that time I was married and had a child.

Both of us have big families--she with four kids, me with five--and oh how those families have multiplied.

For a while she lived close in Springville--that was great! Now she's in Las Vegas near many of her family members. I don't get to see her as much as I'd like, but we do visit on the phone which is a great pleasure. 

Happy Birthday, Little Sis! Hope it's a good one.

This is my sis, hubby, kids, grandkids and greats--and of course, some are missing. Margie and hubby are inte first row in the middle.


Thonie Hevron said…
Sisters are the best. I remember my youngest sister coming home from the hospital, too. Dad cooked for us while mom was in the hospital and all he knew how to cook was SOS. Yuck! Youngest sis, Nancy, will always be my baby sister. I'll always be protective of her, and will love her with my last breath just as I love my middle sister. So much common history together, yet we are very different people.
I agree wholeheartedly! My sis is different than me too, but we are really, really close.

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