Origins of the plot and subplots in No Sanctuary

Pick up where I left off, this is #5 in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

I've been a church goer all my life and I've attended services in many churches. I've been friends with ministers and their family, and have relatives who are preachers. And no, the characters in this book are not based on any of them.

There are two churches in this book--one is much like the one I attended as a child, though it resembles the one in my dreams more than the actual building. The second church, new and large, is a complete figment of my imagination.

Unfortunately, the sin of gossip rises in church groups and I used that as part of the plot.

One of the subplots came from a talk given by a female police officer at a Sisters in Crime meeting I attended. 

In this book the romance between Detective Doug Milligan and Stacey continues.

And yes, I had fun writing this book too!

It's available with the new cover and re-edited in paperback and on Kindle..

Marilyn aka F.M. 


Jackie Houchin said…
I haven't read this one, but I too am a church goer. Sadly what you say about gossip is true there and even in my own life some times. I hope than none I'm familiar with leads to murder (the bodily kind).

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