THE SMELL OF DEATH originated like this;;

My son-in-law, the police officer, often commented that most mysteries, movies and TV shows didn't portray how bad the smell of death was. (They do that much better these days--but it mad me think about creating a story that the smell of death was a part of the story.)

A warning--the main plot is about the death of a child--but is also about the murders of a two women, mother and daughter. The first plot came from something that really happened where I was living at the time though of course it has been changed a lot. All three murders are intertwined.

Officer Stacey Butler has a big part in this book, and though she had sworn she'd never date a fellow police officer, she assists Detective Milligan with both cases--and well, who knows what might happen from there.

This mystery deals with some tough subjects but also introduces some new places in Rocky Bluff.

Because I wrote these first four books so long ago, I'm surprised I can even remember what gave me the ideas.

Though I re-edited these stories--they were brought up-to-date but left as things were at the time I wrote them.

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Marilyn aka F. M.


Thonie Hevron said…
A cop's day to day existence is based on their senses: hearing (listening), seeing (situational awareness), feeling (hunches as well as texture-not something often used in media but could be crucial in evidence gathering), smelling (unfit homes, fear, death), and taste (donuts, of course!). It's what they do with this stimulus that defines their career success. The smell is something that haunts many cops long after careers are over.

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