What Happens When I Go Away--Yikes!

On Friday, daughter Lisa and I left for the coast--we kind of meandered. Had lunch at the wonderful Dona's Restaurant in Morro Bay, then checked into our hotel in Santa Maria--a Best Western. The room was great--especially the bathroom--lots of counter space, lacking in many hotels.

From there we followed directions (and my GPS) to a most glamorous and hidden away resort in Nipomo. I'd been invited along with 4 other mystery writers to be on a panel. It was great fun and i got to see some good friends.

We came home on Saturday and no sooner had I come into the house when we had company--a grandson, his wife, their son, and grandson's mother. We had a great visit. Grandson is an electrician and told me I need to buy a different kitchen light than the one I bought.

Later I went through the mail and found that the VA is going to take even more money away from my husband and wants him to pay back over $400 of the disability compensation he received. Crazy since they actually deduct the disability from his retirement pay--so something else for him to fight, though I doubt it will do much good.

Received two books that I need to read and review. I have a newsletter to write. And a program design to do.

So, instead of writing this blog, I better get busy.



Margaret Bates said…
Glad you had a good time away and a nice visit upon your return. Sorry about the VA thing...it's a mess that we have been fighting on our own from 2003 to 2014 when we got a representative, which I highly recommend doing, though the fight continues to this day. I do not understand how they can keep chipping away at your husband's benefits, especially if they were awarded as permanent. And paying back >$400 -- outrageous!!
Lorna Collins - said…
This is SO unfair. Have you contacted your congressman? Hugs to both of you!
We've been to the congressman several times. Will let him know about this latest mess.
Brother-in-law is helping us with an appointment to local VA office. Spent hours making copies of everything.

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