Won't be Long Now

Yes, I now have the cover for Tangled Webs, the latest in the Rocky Bluff P. D. series. As you'll note on the cover, it's #15. (I find this hard to believe, and I write them all.)

Don't have the publication date yet, but it will be soon. 

Of course this is a murder mystery--a beloved day care center teacher is stabbed on her own front porch. Perhaps she wasn't as beloved as people said. Too many are not telling all the truth.

And life moves on for those who inhabit Rocky Bluff including the police officers.

Family situations cause problems for Detective Milligan, Sergeant Navarro and Ryan Strickland.

Officer Gordon Butler has a rookie to train--maybe one who is a tad too eager. 

As usual, I enjoyed myself spending time with these characters. I hope you will too.

Marilyn who writes this series as F. M. Meredith.


Thonie Hevron said…
Wow! You're just rolling them out! Good for you and A&K!

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