Heading Toward the Thanksgiving Holiday

It is difficult for me to think that we are heading toward Thanksgiving. These days, we host the dinner at our house--I do the turkey and a couple of other dishes. Family members bring the rest.

Looking back over the years, I remember Thanksgiving at the home I grew up in, in Los Angeles.
About the only time we ate at our dining room table was Thanksgiving or when we had company for dinner. Those Thanksgivings my grandparents and aunt and family joined us.

Later, when we had our own home, we hosted Thanksgiving and had it in our living room, the only place big enough for our family who came up from the L.A. area--grandparents, aunt and daughter and hubby, sister and hubby and their kids. Later we added a family room which served us well--for all sorts of events, including wedding receptions.

One Thanksgiving, our church put on a free dinner--that was great fun. Many of us provided all the food.

It will soon be time to buy the turkey and the fixings for this year's big family event. We have to put up an extra table even though we can squeeze 12 in at our dining room table.

Our menu consists of the turkey, dressing, green bean casserole. candied sweet potatoes, green jello salad (like the one my mother always made), mashed potatoes and gravy, other salads people bring, Hawaiian rolls--and of course the desserts.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?



The photo is from a Thanksgiving past--not at my house. Unusual, but lots of my family are in this photo and I love it.

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