What a Great Thanksgiving!

Despite hubby and I both a bit under the weather (and yes, it is a bit of a pun), we traveled to Coarsegold to enjoy the holiday with family and friends and to get to see grandson Nathan's new home. 

It began to sprinkle as we reached the foothills, and it came down a bit harder when after driving on a most twist windy road to the very end and reaching our destination. We disembarked, took in our offerings for the feast, and toured the house. The kitchen was a busy place, with Nathan's mother in law, Marty, in charge. A great house, that Nathan and Amanda are in the process of fixing up (though it looks great already). I didn't go upstairs but I'm seen photos of what he's done in the bathroom.

In this photo of granddaughter Jessi and her two oldest, you can see how the tents were set up with the tables and chairs, and where the feast was to be set up.

There was plenty of food to nibble on both inside and outside while the rain came down.

In this photo are cousins: Crystal, Merenda and Jason, Nathan and Amanda, Jessi and Jerry and bay Aria.

Granddaughters Merenda and Jessica.

Brothers and sister, Nathan, Jessica and Nathan.  

Great grands, Kay'Lee, Nick's daughter, and Aria, Jessi's youngest.

I stole these pics from Jessica, I'm sure there'll be more popping up on the Internet.

It was a great day, just so happy we went. And I didn't have to cook!



Maggie King said…
Great pictures, Marilyn. Thanks for sharing your joy. Happy Post-Thanksgiving!
Mar Preston said…
It sounds like a moveable feast -- out of the rain. Here, a little south of you, we got an evening's worth of rain in the tinder-dry forest.

I would be thankful today for more rain.

I'm thankful for you being in my life, even from way up the Valley.
Thanks for stopping by, Maggie--it was a wonderful day.

We needed the rain, but it made for an exciting couple of hours trying to keep the tents from collapsing under the water--some of the men worked on that.

And Mar, O cherish you as a friend too.
That's supposed to be I cherish your friendship, Mar.

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