Countdown to Christmas (Reminiscing)

Certainly getting close to that big day! (Though the adults are celebrating Christmas Eve midday.)

I'm ready--as ready as can be. Most of the cooking has to be done on Monday a.m. We have a honeybaked ham, so that's easy. I'm making scalloped potatoes and a strawberry jello salad. The girls, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are making hte desserts. Daughter Lisa is bringing veggies and salad.  

I always think back on other Christmasses--one I remember was right here at our house with all the family including my sis and her kids. We were so crowded the next year we celebrated in a recreation room of a mobile home park.

A later Christmas that landed on Sunday, we had Christmas dinner right there at the church. We only did it once because most of the people who turned up were family members of those of us who did the cooking. It was fun though--and different.

Though we no longer attend many parties--I only went to two this year--in the past, hubby and I attended many--a couple on the Seabee base at Pt. Hueneme, and a couple at Veteran's Memorial buildings, and we hosted some. These always involved a big dinner and dancing. Hubby and I loved to dance. (Now my poor honey has trouble walking, and my balance isn't that great, so dancing is a thing of the past.)

There were a couple of Christmases I had to work--that was in my telephone operator days. Usually worked a split shift, so came home in the middle, remember one time we had our Christmas Dinner at the Colonial House (Posh place in Oxnare in days long goen.)

Several  Christmasses while hubby was overseas were spent at my parents' home in Los Angeles  which meant driving down there which terrified me. (And the freeways were nothing like they are today.)

Those are the memories that popped up.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!



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