Five Titles with the Word SPIRIT in them

Titles are interesting. For some of my books I knew what the title would be almost immediately, others I had to ponder over after the books was completed.

The word Spirit appears in five of my book titles, four are Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries, the other a standalone.

Kindred Spirits came from the fact that Tempe forms a great friendship with two women from the Tolowa nations, and I became great friends with the Tolowa woman who inspired the book.


In River Spirits helpful spirits rise from the Bear Creek River. Deputy Tempe Crabtree is dealing with a group of movie people on the Bear Creek Indian Reservation who aren't following the rules given by the Indian Council as to where they can film..

Spirit Shapes is probably one of my favorites in this series. All about a haunted house, this book is filled with ghosts, spirits--good and evil--and angels.

And coming soon, Spirit Wind.  This one is set in Tehachapi where the wind blows nearly all the time. And yes, there's a ghost.

Lingering Spirit is one of my all time favorite books. It's a romance with a touch of the supernatural, and is based on something that happened to one of my daughters.

This is the new cover and I love it.

All of these books are available for Kindle and in trade paperback on Amazon.



Marja said…
It's interesting how that word keeps coming to mind for you. All of the titles work, so that's something good.
Of course, I love "Spirit Shapes" and "Lingering Spirit."
Spirit Shapes has a great character--a ghost hunter name Lorna Collins in it!
I like that book too!

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