The State of Publishing

Moderator: Barbara Hodges

Panelists: Jake Bray--Wolfpack (Westerns), Autin Camacho--Intrigue Press, Jennifer Hendricks--Wolfpack (CKN Christian Publishing Press), and the sub for Mystic Publishers.

Intriguue--As a genral rule publishing is growing. It's been hard because of Covid and bookstores closing. 

Fiction can do well in self-publishing, need to find your market.

All reminded that you need to follow the publishers' guidelines when submitting.

Know what your market is and how your book is different/unique.

Will it be a series?

Compare to other authors, not other books.

For the Christian publisher you need to be able to write several books a year.

Be partners with the publisher with the marketing.  The author needs to be part of the marketing process.

The synopsis is important, brief and concise, helps the publsierh to know the story and how it ends.

How well do you understand your genre?

Have an elevator pitch, a hook for the story. You must have a card with your contact information.

You must know what your story is, the genre and the protagonist.

How are we (publisher and author) goind to sell you book? Who is your audience? Who are your readers and where are they?

Strong clear voice. Be confidnet but not arrogant.  Be able to accept editing.

You must have socail media contacts.

After signing contract, what happens? The full book will be sent out to editor, then back to author to fix, then back again. takes about a year, lots of collaboration, back and forth.

Alwaya follow the publisher's submission guidelines. 

The ending must be satisfying. 

Again, from my notes, 



Morgan Mandel said…
Wish I had more series books to offer. It does seem to help to keep a reader's attention.
Barbara Hodges said…
Wow, we covered a lot!

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