Two More Panels--Sex and Violence and Non-Fiction

(Because we had some people who were missing, subs were put on panels and I didn't always write their names down. And of course I dodn't remember.)

Moderator: Dave Cropp
Panelists: Dave Knop, Dave Freedland, Thonie Hevron, Janet Greger
One person said if the sex and violence is too explicit or crude, he won't finish reading the book.

If it's too brutal, tone it down.

How much depends on the story.

Show the violence to reveal how the character feels.

It's sort of disrespectful if the murder is treated frivously.

How much violence depends on the genre.

Depends on your personal standards--how much they affect what you write.

One panelist doesn't want to show the murder as it happens.

Reality vs. wanting people to read your story.


Moderator: Scott Decker
Panelists: Marilyn Wooley, Buz Williams, Bob Hair, Gloria Casale

1. Enjoyed writing the non-fiction
2. Helping the reader is the reward.
3. Writing fiction totally based on fact,
4. Someimes not saying/writing anything is approrpiate.
5. Some non-fiction is written like fact.

Remember this is all from notes I took and I missed some things.




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