Writing in Different Genres/Blogging Your Way to Success

I lied, I did take notes of the last two panels--found them tucked away in books I'd taken to the conference. Not sure I can read all the scribbles because I wrote while people were talking--but here goes. 


Moderator: Michael Black
Panelists: Marilyn Wooley, Dave Cropp, Kelli Peacock, Marilyn Meredith, John Bluck

Marilyn Wooley wrote JACKPOT JUSTICE, complicated non-fiction.

John writes science fiction and mystery. Worked in TV.  Has a novel set in Hollywood, writes short stories, and is working on a novel about NASA.
Kelli Peacock writes police procedurals, supernatural, ESP. 

Dave Cropp writes poetry, children's stories, flash fiction, passion in the stories along with tragedy.

Marilyn Meredith, Tempe Crabtree series, Native-American mysteries, and Rocky Bluff P.D. series is a police procedural, as much about the families as the mystery.


Moderator: Mysti Barry
Panelists: George Cramer, Thonie Hevron, Frank Zafiro, Marilyn Meredith. (There may have been one more as we were missing original panelists.)

Everyone spoke about their blogs. 

And honestly, I didn't get good notes on this one, but I have the notes of what I said.

When writing about your book, tell different aspects of the story such as what inspired it, interview a character, describe the setting, what kind of research you did. Never tell so much the reader won't need to buy the book.

When on someone else's blog be sure to promote it, and comment on it. Visit it several times to see if anyone left a comment you need to respond to.

Have guest auhors.George and Thonie do that regularly and I have guest authros too.

Doing a blog tour with a prize for the one who comments on the most blogs.

Don't give away the book you are promoting as a prize. If you want to give away a book, give another in the series. 

And now, that is really it as far as my sharing about the wonderful PSWA conference. There is no other like this one.



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