TRAIL TO GLORY, my first published book

TRAIL TO GLORY was first published as a mass market paperback by a New York Publisher that is now defunct. 

This is an historical fiction based on my mother's genealogy though there is a real mystery in it--a mystery that in real life was never solved. However, in this fictional version it is.

The story focuses on the women of the family who had to overcome all sorts of odds--in many cases finding ways to keep their families together because of the loss of the husband.

Some of the early parts of this saga focus on the Menominee Indians of Wisconsin. 

Over the years I've heard bits and pieces of this family's journey from my mother, aunt and grandmother and others. Of course I had to do a lot of research about places and people in the story.

The saga becomes truer as it gets closer to more modern times. 

I was fortunate to have met my great-grandmother when I was young, and had my grandparents in my life for many years.  

I do hope some of you will  try TRAIL TO GLORY.

And if you do and like it, please leave a review.



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