A Few Events that Inspired RAGING WATER

Where I'm living now, the river that runs behind our house has turned into a raging torrent seveal times in the past. It has taken out bridges, ruined homes, carried roofs and parts ot homes and furniture, including a piano, down stream.

Sometimes we've even hear boulders bouncing against each other as they've been carried away.

One time, duirng a rain storm my daughter and I were at a get-together at a neighbor's home, when we came out to leave, a whole hill had turned into mud and slid down and blocked the road we needed to take. Fortunately, there was another way to go by going down to another road that wound around  and came out above the mudslide.  And of coures, my writer's mind thought, "What if the slide blocked off the whole road into town, and there was no way to get out?"

Two women in our area, friends, both disabled were discovered dead the same monring. Their deaths were declared natural, no audtopsies done. In my mind, the fact that the deaths weren't investigated seems wrong. I knew boht of these ladies, and they make an appearance in RAGING WATER.


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