FRINGE BENEFITS, #3 in the RBPD serie

FRINGE BENEFITS is about a bad cop--but it is also the first time we meet reader's favorite, Gordon Butler. Some of the other officers we've met in the first two books make appearances too. 

Review on Amazon:

The main story in this book is about Cal Slyvester, an officer on the Rocky Bluff Police Department. He is attracted to a fellow officer's wife and begins plotting the demise of his own wife in order to collect the insurance. But this book is so much more. We see what is happening in the lives of the other police officers and also in the lives of some of the Rocky Bluff citizens. There is a Wednesday rapist, break-ins around the area where nothing much is taken, an accidental police shooting, a run-away whose parents don't even care enough to report him missing, and preferential treatment of certain citizens. The author takes all these threads and weaves them together into a tightly woven plot that will keep you guessing.

I loved this book and look forward to more visits in Rocky Bluff. Try it! I think you will love it, too.


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