Knowing, the movie

We went to see Knowing starring Nicolas Cage last week. Hadn't been to the movies for quite awhile.

If you aren't familiar with the Bible, you'll probably think the movie is science fiction complete with aliens. However, it is far, far more.

The movie is laden with religious clues from the mention of Ezekiel, the book of the Bible that is loaded with prophecy.

I suggest you pay close attention as the movie comes to its climax. I can't say much more without spoiling the story, but what you might think are aliens are revealed to be something far more remarkable.

In any case, we loved the movie.



Lora said…
Am always intrigued with Biblical prophecy. Spent small group time last week discussing this very subject. Thanks for your comment on Henry J. Grandmas ALWAYS think their grands are SO CUTE! Nice to have your endorsement also.

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