Yesterday was our first day at the fair. Difficulties from the beginning. Had to wait for stickers for the car and passes to get in. Someone had to lead us to the Art Pavillion (really the skating rink) and we were set up way in the back> few people ventured back there.

I went out with my business cards to drum up some business. that helped.

The people who ventured back there either came to see photos on the wall or use the restrooms. Took a lot of work to get people interestede enough nto buy a book.

we stayed until 4, the others with us stayed on. we've found a neighborhood cafe with great food and eaten breakfast and dinner there.

Heading back to the fair this a.m.



Helen Ginger said…
It would be great if when you showed up this time, they'd moved your table to a more active location! But it certainly shows your salesmanship that you got people to come over. Hope you have good sales today.

Straight From Hel

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