Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be busy getting my turkey in the oven and doing all the many things it takes to get a big Thanksgiving dinner on the table for my family and anyone else they might bring with them. Do check my blog tomorrow because I have more about the big Mystery We Write book tour that begins on November 25th. Fourteen mystery writers are going to be on one of the fourteen's blog for each of the next 14 days.

Lots of prizes are to be had and that's what I tell about tomorrow. So be sure to check and see what's being offered. It's really easy too, just hit each person's blog everyday and leave a comment. You'll find out lots of interesting tidbits about these authors and their books.

I'm wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your family and think about everything you'r thankful for.

I'm thankful for living in a country like ours (the U.S. for those who are elsewhere), for having such a great family, for my marriage to a wonderful man for all these years, for all the adventures I've had and the memories. I also am thankful for the invention of computers which changed my writing life and the Internet which has given me so many more friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!



LD Masterson said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn.
M.M. Gornell said…
Thank you for the holiday wishes, Marilyn, and same to you and your family! Have a great dinner, and see you on tour!

~Heidi~ said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you Marilyn! Please tell all the family hello!
Wishing you & yours a very Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn!
Patricia Gligor said…
The Mystery We Write book tour sounds interesting. I'll be sure to stop by.
Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn!
Thank you everyone for your Thanksgiving wishes.
seo service said…
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