Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, it is my birthday. I'm at the age where I'd just as soon forget them. I've had way too many. The first birthday party I can remember, was when I was 5.  I'd just been a flower girl for auntie's wedding so I wore the same dress. I'm not sure if it was this one or not, but I'm about the same age here.
For that party I got to be a fairy princess and I know that my aunts and mom worked really hard to make the whole affair like a fairytale.

This was my wedding day, I was just 18.

Me, now 19, and first child, Dana. We had four more kids, eighteen grandkids, and 12 great grands with another due anyday.

 Me at last year's birthday celebration. I've had a great life with many, many blessings.



Happy Birthday, Marilyn! May you have a very happy birthday week.
Cora said…
Hope your year ahead is filled with blessing.s Cora
M.M. Gornell said…
Love the pictures! Wishing you many, many, more--birthdays that is!

Happy mutual birthday to you! Didn't see this post until today. hope yours was as happy as mine!

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