Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Signing at Branches Books in Oakhurst

Book Signing Event ~ Marilyn Meredith

11/01/2013 6:30 pm 
Do you love a good mystery? A spooky ghost story?
Then you are in luck. Branches Books is pleased to welcome Marilyn Meredith on Friday, November 1st, 2013. Please call 559-549-6672 or email for more information. 
Spirit Shapes, by Marilyn Meredith, the latest in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series.
Ghost hunters stumble upon a murdered teen in a haunted house. Deputy Tempe Crabtree's investigation pulls her into a whirlwind of restless spirits, good and evil, intertwined with the past and the present, and demons and angels at war.
Bio: Marilyn Meredith is the author of over thirty-five published novels, including the award winning Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series. She borrows a lot from where she lives in the Southern Sierra for the town of Bear Creek and the surrounding area, including the nearby Tule River Indian Reservation. She does like to remind everyone that she is writing fiction. Marilyn is a member of EPIC, three chapters of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. Visit her at and follow her blog at right here. 
As F. M. Meredith, she writes the Rocky Bluff P.D. series. The latest is Dangerous Impulses.
An attractive new-hire captivates Officer Gordon Butler, Officer Felix Zachary’s wife Wendy is befuddled by her new baby, Ryan and Barbara Strickland receive unsettling news about her pregnancy, while the bloody murder of a mother and her son and an unidentified drug that sickens teenaged partiers jolts the Rocky Bluff P.D.
F.M., also known as Marilyn Meredith, first became interested in writing about law enforcement when she lived in a neighborhood filled with police officers and their families. The interest was fanned when her daughter married a police officer and the tradition has continued with a grandson and grandson-in-law who are deputies. She’s also serves on the board of the Public Safety Writers Association, and has many friends in different law enforcement fields. For twenty plus years, she and her husband lived in a small beach community located in Southern California much like the fictional Rocky Bluff. She is a member of three chapters of Sisters in Crime, Epic, and Mystery Writers of America.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Deeds of Darkness

This is another spooky tale and it happens around Halloween, so perfect to read right now. It's only available in Kindle.
When good and evil collide in the small town of Yokut Springs, Madeline Mahoney is forced to put her friendship and religious beliefs to the ultimate test. The story unravels when Madeline finds out that her best friend's mother, Dian Reddick, is the High Priestess to a coven of witches. Madeline, being very active in the Christian community, finds the mere thought of witches ridiculous and refuses to believe such utter nonsense. But after watching one of the witches meetings and witnessing the initiation of their final member, she can't help but have doubts. Especially when her best friend, Lynette, convinces her that a romance spell is just what she needs to capture her long time crush, Brian. Things get worse and worse and Madeline is the only one who knows what is causing all the problems.
This one is scary, fun and appropriate for teens as well as adults who like to be scared.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cup of Demons

This is another Christian horror--published long ago but never available on Kindle or some of the new e-publishing formats.

Book Blurb: Is the inheritance Maginel received from her great Aunt Magda a gift or a curse? Haunted by ancestral ghosts, plagued by demonic creatures, Maginel flees from her home. Upon her return as an adult, Maginel seeks to remove the barrier that prevents her from marrying the man she loves, she enters into a life and death battle for her soul.

I've always loved good horror novels that are really scary--but never read any with a Christian element that wasn't Catholic. That's when I decided to write one. Ended up writing three, and this is one of them.

I do hope some of you will try it out--this is the best time of year to read scary.


Maginel had no idea the house she grew up and that had been in her family for generations was more than a curiosity. What she did know was that she didn’t like “seeing” creatures no on else could see and that these creatures wished ill for those she cared about.

It takes tragedy for her to come to terms with what is really happening in her home and to her and the realization that only a real encounter with Christ can bring peace as well as safety for the one she’s come to love more than life itself.

This book is not for the feint of heart or for those who do not believe that the spiritual world is not always about good. Satan and his minions are real, but the power of Christ overcomes evil when we come to Him.

A look at the face of evil and the power of Christ.

* * *

When Maginel Edward's Great Aunt Magda dies, the inheritance she leaves
Maginel receives is not of money or property, but a strange gift of
spiritual awareness. Plagued by terrifying visions of demons and the dead,
Maginel is sent away by her parents to live with her sister, where she
manages to escape from the specters and find a measure of peace.

When Maginel returns years later, she finds things much changed.
Troubled that she experiences horrific headaches every time she is in
church or around prayer, Maginel consults a local pastor and soon the
lines are drawn for a final, decisive battle between the good of God's
power and grace and the evil of Maginel's demonic tormentors.

"Cup of Demons" is a well-told, engaging story that explores a topic many
people would prefer to ignore. However, Marilyn Meredith tells a chilling
tale, which provides both food for thought and reason for prayer. Three

Craig Alan Hart
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wishing Makes it So

In the spirit of the season, I'm going to tell you about my three horror novels.

The first is Wishing Makes It So, a psychological horror novel about a very bad little girl.“When really, really bad things happen to good people.”

In an effort to make a change in a child's life, Alyse and Steven take in a four-year-old who has been thrown out of several homes prior to theirs. Because of their successful parenting of three children of their own and Steven's career as a counselor, they feel sure they can help Belinda and give her a loving home. However Belinda quickly proves to be a great challenge. She is often disobedient and trouble making, hurting the other children and vandalizing their possessions. At times she seems sweet and innocent, easily charming the unwary. Her desire to be the only child takes a deadly turn.

This book is available in trade paperback and for Kindle as well as other formats.


Reviews:5 Stars “WISHING MAKES IT SO is a deep character study that Dean Koontz would be proud to have written as the suspense grips readers from start to finish. The story line is fast-paced but filled with surprise spins as tension mounts from the moment Belinda enters the Chrestman home and never slows down until her final arrival at the house she called home for awhile. Readers who appreciate a strong tense thriller filled with real people will want to read Marilyn Meredith's superb shocker in which the roads to hell is paved with good intentions while your escort may be a beautiful little girl with a devil of a heart.”–Harriet Klausner

“Wishing Makes It So is a horror story to send chills up the spine!...Marilyn Meredith has once again delivered compelling reading!  For Horror fans, Wishing Makes It So is a Chiller story!  Reviewed By: Dakota Wind Rolling Seas Reviews

"Wishing Makes It So" by Marilyn Meredith is a powerful story about a little girl who's amoral, and the hideous acts she commits to get what she wants. No adult ever wants to believe a child is evil for the sake of evilness, but other children always seem to know well in advance what kind of monster lurks beneath good looks, moderate behavior, and a cherub smile... I rate Wishing Makes It So five stars.-- Lillian Cauldwell

WISHING MAKES IT SO is classic suspense. Meredith gets right to the story with her opening line: "Warmth and love were but a wisp of a memory to the toddler.".....Belinda enchants everyone and nobody wants to believe she's responsible for events that begin to pile one upon the other. Meredith takes this tale to its terrible conclusion with turn-of-the-screw precision. –Pat Browning, author of Full Circle

AAA -Book Review
Book: Wishing Makes It So
Author: Marilyn Meredith
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Genre: Suspense Thriller / Novel

Reviewer: Bill McDonald

A Future Classic Suspense Thriller

Author Marilyn Meredith has written some very good books over the years—many of which I have read prior to reading her latest suspense thriller “Wishing Makes It So”. However, this is not like any of her other creative efforts—and it is certainly her best work to date. She takes a four-year foster child with such an innocent looking persona and gives us a charming and evil little manipulative monster. The storyline involves malicious and dangerous behaviors by poor little Belinda that ruins a wonderful family whose only intentions were to give her a loving family.

Meredith is a master at using a good mix of dialogue and characterizations  with her narrative, so that the plot unfolds to give the reader a great psychological horror  story. The story is fresh and alive and will grab the readers fullest attention—not allowing them to walk away form the book until they have devoured the last pages to find out what conclusion awaits them. It is a page burner that readers will find unnerving but very much entertaining. This will become a classic novel of its genre someday, once others in the media discover this hidden gem as I have!

The American Authors Association (AAA) gives this book a FIVE STAR rating and a recommendation to buy and read this book!

(I truly enjoyed writing this book and enlisted the aid of my grandchildren to tell me bad things kids had done to them to add flavor to the tale. The rest came from my imagination.)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Devil's Foothold, Christian Horror

In the spirit of the season, I'm letting you know about the books I've written in the horror genre.

This is another one that started out as a Deputy Tempe Crabtree novel--but veered off on it's own and turned out to be more of a Christian horror than a mystery.

Resident Deputy Jessica McGuire’s day starts much the same as usual, but when she jogs by the old family cemetery she discovers the grave of a baby had been dug up and the skeleton missing. It wasn’t much later when Pastor David Tanner reports the theft of a hand-carved redwood cross from his church. Next a baby goat is reported stolen and one of the pastor’s cows discovered mutilated in the field. Jessica and Pastor David team up to investigate these strange occurrences. He is convinced Satan worshiping is going on in their town. Jessica isn’t sure until she discovers a hooded and robed group meeting in the woods who flee upon her arrival. She knows she needs to get to the bottom of things before what’s going on escalates into something worse. Or has it already?

 And here is my favorite review: 

I sat up all night reading THE DEVIL'S FOOTHOLD. That always happens when I take a "quick peek" at the opening chapter of a fascinating new book. In a departure from her popular Tempe Crabtree series, Marilyn Meredith's new book tackles devil worship in a small town in the Northern California foothills. The cult has pulled in members of the town elite, motivated by lust for power, and a few teenagers who just want a little excitement.

The book has some gruesome aspects and a distinctly religious tone. However, Meredith is a thoughtful writer with enough experience to make it easy to read. Fans of the Tempe Crabtree series will appreciate familiar characters -- a female deputy, a romantic pastor, and a lazy sheriff who looks down his nose at the female deputy. The ending is a humdinger.--Pat Browning

Try it, you just might like it.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Hallows' Evil

All Hallows' Evil is the second anthology published by Mystery and Horror, LLC. If you've never heard of us, you're not out of the loop. In fact, we are surprised when anyone has heard our micro press. We are new and define the word “tiny.” Out entire organization is me and my partner, Sarah Glenn.

We didn't even set up our LLC (Limited Liability Company) with thoughts of publishing books. We were authors. I write historical mystery and occasionally will do a horror story. Sarah's work is harder to define. Her first novel was a quirky family saga about a lesbian vampire that moved into a gated community. Most of her short stories are mysteries, often weird ones, but mysteries. We were a couple of writers, with the same publisher, who often traveled to the same conventions, stayed in the same room and generally shared expenses. We needed a business structure because sorting it all out at tax time was a nightmare worthy of a horror novel.

When our publisher closed, there was a big hole left in our writing life. I have a novel under consideration with another press, but the short fiction I love to write was homeless. We had some friends from our former press that were also looking for places to send their short stories so I started looking into what it would take to publish an anthology.

Mystery and Horror expanded to be a micro press. We are only doing three anthologies and one single author book this year. Strangely Funny, our first anthology, is a paranormal humor anthology available at most online bookstores. All Hallows' Evil, is 13 Halloween themed mysteries and just launched on Amazon. Our final anthology this year is titled the Undead of Winter is set during the winter holidays. It will be out in November.

Being tiny isn't entirely a bad thing. It means that each book we do gets a lot of personal attention. I care if a paragraph isn't indented correctly or breaks don't appear where they should. It means that we know how much work authors put into a story and work with them. Anthologies are not going to make us wealthy, but we believe that short fiction has been neglected. It is time to put it back in the limelight. I hope you'll pick up a copy of All Hallows' Evil and discover some Halloween stories worth talking about.


Gwen Mayo is passionate about blending the colorful history of her native Kentucky with her love for mystery fiction. She currently lives and writes in Tarpon Springs, Florida, but grew up in a large Irish family in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Her stories have appeared in anthologies, at online short fiction sites, and in micro-fiction collections. She belongs to Sisters in Crime, SinC Guppies, the Short Mystery Fiction Society, and the Historical Novel Society.

Gwen has an associate degree in business and a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Kentucky. She was a judge for the 2012 Derringers and the coordinator for the 2011 Derringers. Interesting fact: Gwen was a brakeman and railroad engineer from 1983 - 1987.