Reviews Have Started to Come in For Murder in the Worst Degree

I sent out 11 copies of the uncorrected Advance Reading Copies of Murder in the Worst Degree for review. Unless you're an author you have no idea how scary that is. Waiting to hear what people think about your latest book, is most nerve wracking.

But here are the first three reviews and I'm happy to say they are both wonderful!

F.M. Meredith has outdone herself with Murder in the Worst Degree. I have enjoyed this series ever since I read my first one, but this is the very best one yet. All the familiar characters return. their lives continue to change and progress. When an elderly man’s body washes up on the beach at Rocky Bluff, the police begin their investigation, only to discover he was already dead before his body went into the water. In addition, a rapist strikes. As always, all the plot lines are completed, and the ending is very satisfying. This is a great read and highly recommended.

--Lorna Collins

This is my first review ever. I received an ARC of Murder in the Worst Degree yesterday and read it in one sitting. I really enjoyed the book. It was the tenth in a series but I was able to enjoy it without reading the first 9. It was the type of book I really like, a police procedural with their home lives included. Makes me want to read the other books in the series to see how they all ended up where they are.

--Cheryl Stoeser in DorothyL

Truly and interesting, good quick read.  (It probably took me all of 6 hours tops to read it.)  This action packed police procedure mystery was well plotted, well written and most enjoyable. So wonderful to find an author that doesn't need 300 pages plus to really write an entertaining novel!
And, even though this is 10th in a series - this is the first I've read and would recommend to anyone who likes to read!

--Lynn Demsky in DorothyL

The book isn't available to the general public until next month, and I'll certainly let you know when it's live!



Lorna Collins - said…
My favorite in the series, and I have loved all the others.

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