PSWA Attendees

Because I don't want to violate anyone's privacy, I'm not going to name names, only tell where their expertise is to give you an idea of what kind of information was shared.

 A retired USAF Colonel and Special Agent for the OSI--which is the Air Force version of NCIS

A retired Air Force officer who specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence.

A TPSA Commander in Boston

Retired police officers from: 

New York City
Chicago (2)
New Mexico 
Deputy Chief from Irvine CA
Vice Detective from Washington DC
Northern California
World Airport Police, Los Angeles
Suffolk County PD on Long Island
Pleasant Hill P.D. CA
Ontario CA PD

Three retired FBI agents

Insurance Investigator

Former Assistant Attorney General


Former helicopter pilot.

 A paramedic and training officer for the federal disaters Medical Assistant Team in Calfornia.

A mountain climber and extreme adventurer who is also an expert on fraud.

Police Psychologist

An expert on health care and public health issues who is also a consultant on transitional threats.

Professor of Criminal Justice

Retired Biology Professor

Oak Tree Press Publisher

Parole and Probation Officer from Nevada

Two book editors

Dispatcher with AZPD

Volunteeer Firefighter


Mystery Writers

Many of the above were also in the military.

Everyone is writing something: pieces for online law enforcment publications, articles for printed magazine, how-to pieces, curriculum, all sorts of books fiction and non-fiction.

We had a couple of late registrants, and I don't have any information about their backgrounds.

This should give you an idea of the great expertise we are allowed to hear from.

As a mystery writer, I consider it a great privilege to be accepted into this group.

Marilyn Meredith


Dee Card said…
Whole lot of experience and expertise represented!
Yes, always. And I love learning from everyone.
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