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Jackass Mail Run

To let you know how exciting things are in the part of California where I live, the Jackass Mail Run made the front page of the local newspaper--complete with photographs. The photo was of the posse that rode into town, guns a blazing, before the mail wagon's arrival. It they'd taken the photo just a bit lower, my booth would have been there, complete with my books and right in front of the dentist's office.

Not only that, an article about the Mail Run was on the second page of the Fresno Bee--with another photo. Oh, yes, there's plenty of bad stuff that goes on, but it's refreshing to read about something so family oriented instead of robberies and murders. Well--mostly family oriented. We did have a group of dance hall "girls" strutting around town (middle-aged girls), and some belly dancers who performed in front of the pizza palace.

Actually, the whole event is pretty mild compared to the "old days." Twenty plus years ago when we first moved …

Looking Forward

This has been one of those weeks where I spent most of my time doing work that I no longer enjoy. For 20 years I've been the training chairperson for an association for providers of care to the developmentally disabled. I've arranged the classes, found the teachers, taken care of logistics, bought the supplies, done all the paperwork, and taught many of the classes myself.

I'm tired. It's time for me to spend more time on my writing and the promotion of my books and having some fun with my family. I gave my resignation, but will finish out this year.

So I look forward to the fun things. On Saturday I'll have a booth at the Jackass Mail Run in Springville. This is an annual event, kicking off Rodeo week. Between 50 and 100 horses and riders will escort the mail wagon from Porterville to Springville, where bandits will try to rob the mail and gunfire will break out. It's fun and noisy. Hopefully I'll sell some books and have the opportunity to visit with folks…

Lacresha Hayes Visits Today

The Rape of Innocence , by Lacresha Hayes, is the testimony of a child growing up mostly without her mother and going through incest, rape and molestation. It's a story of a child who grew up too fast, enduring the worst of hardships. She details the struggles of growing up without God and then being disillusioned in the churches by hypocrisy.

This book chronicles the life of a child who became a woman of God, business owner, author, and wife to a pastor. What should have been impossible, God made possible!

This book is for every woman who knows what pain feels like. This book is for every
Christian who has been hurt or disappointed in the ministry. Come share the tears and the joys of triumphant victory.

The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity Captive by Lacresha Hayes
ISBN: 978-0-9798154-0-9
Retail price: $19.95

Blurb: A renowned minister and business owner deals with issues of rape, molestation, disillusionment, domestic violence, and abandonment, showing that even the worst situa…